The diamond and design pricing is guaranteed to be the best at Diamond Boutique. We follow diamond pricing around the world on a daily basis to ensure our prices remain competitive and unbeatable. For over 20 years we’ve been dealing with some of the biggest diamond suppliers from around the world, and we maintain our competitive prices by cutting out the middle man. We DO NOT buy from local or national dealers - we are the source.

Free Services

Diamond Boutique takes pride in knowing each of our clients continue to be satisfied with the condition of their jewellery. Come in for complementary cleaning, ring polishing, or ring rhodium plating anytime - all three services are free for a lifetime!


It’s our mandate to keep all of our clients happy. When you purchase a piece of jewellery from us we’ll consult you on the insurance required to protect yourself from theft and loss. Each stone purchased is accompanied with a certificate (diamond report) and appraisal information. We cover the loss of small diamonds for lifetime.